April 12, 2013 by Hannah

The recent warm weather lulled me into a false sense of summery security, and I rashly went out and bought a light flimsy greenhouse to see my tomatoes through the summer months.


Partly reassembled. Missing parts A and D, and wishing I hadn’t thrown the instruction manual out with the box.

The more recent inclement weather happily displayed just how flimsy my little greenhouse was, when I found bits of it being buffeted around the garden by the wind the next day.


Note to self: Do not over water seedlings above your head.

Given that the greenhouse will be unusable until warmer and milder months (maybe), I’ve reached new depths (or perhaps heights) in finding space indoors for my seedlings. They now cosily occupy the kitchen beam.


Horace is going to have to be renamed Narcissus.

I’m going to close with a picture of one of my favourite animals on the farm. Horace, our turkey has been looking magnificent recently, puffing himself up and emitting ear splitting ‘GOBBLE GOBBLES’, which I think is what male turkeys do when they’re feeling frisky! I only wish that he’d repeat this behaviour when he saw his girlfriend, and not his own reflection in the kitchen window.

8 thoughts on “Inconveniences

  1. Flighty says:

    That type of greenhouse needs to be sheltered and well secured. Horace looks like he’s strutting his stuff! xx

  2. Orchardier says:

    Your little greenhouse wouldn’t survive here either, such a shame as they look so useful. Horace is a one isn’t he!

    • Hannah says:

      I know, I feel like it was a complete waste of money now:( I’ll have to figure out a way of doing a Bob Flowerdew on it and upcycle somehow!

  3. pianolearner says:

    I love the seedlings on the beam! I guess you know they are taking over, when you have to move trays to get into bed at night.

  4. beeseeker says:

    That’s turkeys for you 🙂
    Sorry about the greenhouse.u

  5. Sorry to hear about the greenhouse. I can tell you are serious by where you have your flats. You have to put them somewhere…

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