The Garden Shed


June 8, 2013 by Hannah

The day has finally come when I can announce that I have a greenhouse, or at least something with a clear plastic roof which reaches a temperature high of 30 degrees. I have to admit to feeling like doing some sort of very American victory lap with a lot of macho ‘BOO YAHS!’, when I see it.


Shed, a third of the way complete.

A very kind family member helped me to make it; although help may be too strong a word for handing the person who is buying, cutting, sawing and measuring the materials a screwdriver and screw on request. How and ever he claims that he couldn’t have done it without me, a claim he reiterated whilst straddling and securing the roof singlehandedly with a power drill and a pocket full of metal screws. We adhered to the strict timetable of builders’ tea and scone breaks, but were a little more laissez faire when it came to health and safety.


Shed at triumphal ‘BOO YAH’ stage of completion.

A slightly embarrassing part of the build was attempting to surreptitiously hide away the many cans and bottles of beer I seem to have left strewn in various locations around the garden. It didn’t seem appropriate to point them out and claim that they had been for slug traps (which they had) as that may have looked like a case of ‘The lady doth protest too much’. So neither of us mentioned the offending items, and he probably went home thinking that the lovely shed he had ‘helped’ create was an excuse for me to nurse my budding alcoholism and not my budding seedlings.


Budding tomato, not burgeoning problem with the bottle!

I’m making a conscious decision to use organic slug pellets from now on.

19 thoughts on “The Garden Shed

  1. pianolearner says:

    Great work. 🙂 must be very satisfying.

  2. Nice! I’m jealous. Sadly I don’t really have the space for even a small greenhouse. Sure you’ll have lots of fun with it!

  3. Wow, that is fantastic

    • Hannah says:

      Indeed it is:) My tomatoes are definitely enjoying the extra heat. I have grand plans for a grape vine but that might have to wait until next year, when the garden is more established.

  4. Flighty says:

    That looks good, and I’m another one who’s slightly jealous as I don’t have a coldframe let alone a greenhouse! xx

    • Hannah says:

      I know, I feel very lucky! I made some cloches last year that I’m still using this year though. They’re really handy for moving about to where you need them.

  5. croftgarden says:

    There is something very satisfying about building one’s own iconic garden structure – it adds great individual style, hope it grows great toms too.

    • Hannah says:

      Haha, thanks! I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I think it looks a little Scandinavian, I’m already planning on painting the inside.

  6. Annette says:

    Clever girl, Hannah, that’s what I call a thrifty approach – well done!

  7. snowbird says:

    Oh what can I say, except….BOO YAH! You will get sooo much pleasure from it!

    I laughed out loud re the beer cans……brilliant stuff.xxxx

  8. thesneakymagpie says:

    It looks great! My neighbours always look funny at me when I run up and down the garden with Asda’s budget beer.

  9. That looks great. I’m so jealous, what I wouldn’t give for year round tomatoes!

  10. Fantastic! I would love a greenhouse! I am considering making one from old doors and windows! Love your blog!

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